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What To Look For in Circuit Board Manufacturing

Circuit board manufacturing is a complex process involving the creation of printed circuit boards (PCBs) used in a wide range of electronic devices. Since it enables the development of advanced machines, it plays a critical role in the electronics industry. However, the manufacturing process can be challenging as it requires careful consideration of factors to […]

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How To Get the Right Printed Circuit Board for Your Electronic Product

The design and production of printed circuit boards (PCBs) are crucial to the reliability and longevity of electronic devices. Due to their role as component backbones, defective PCBs can result in lower performance, increased risk of damage, and a shorter product lifespan. Choosing the ideal PCB for a specific electrical device can boost performance, save […]

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Key Considerations in Circuit Board Kitting To Get the Right Components

Circuit board kitting is assembling electronic components and materials to fabricate a printed circuit board (PCB). Done properly, this process saves time, reduces waste, and optimizes the manufacturing cycle. However, selecting the appropriate circuit board components for kitting is critical to success. This post will discuss the key considerations in circuit board kitting and the […]

Attention Amazon Sellers

Attention Amazon Sellers

Amazon accounts for 43% of US online retail sales. If you’re not integrated with Amazon Marketplace Web Service you’re not getting the most out of your website or your Amazon Sellers account. Let TBR Electronics integrate your product line into Amazon MWS. You can have automated listing updates, order fulfillments, shipping updates and much more… […]

Announcement: New Team Member

TBR Electronics is pleased to introduce our newest team member Web Developer, Wojciech Szczurek. Bringing Wojciech on staff allows us to offer a wide range of skills to any organization wishing to take advantage of the myriad of online services… Web Development- Let us build your next website; we can also fix, expand and maintain […]

TBR Electronics Welcomes New Staff Member

We are so pleased to welcome Andrew Lopez Jr. to our staff! Andrew will be taking the warehouse reins from Rick Rogala who is retiring in July 2017. Andrew’s years of experience in warehouse and inventory management as well as his knowledge of electronics will make him a valued asset to our company.

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