TBR Electronics is pleased to introduce our newest team member Web Developer, Wojciech Szczurek.

Announcement: New Team Member
Bringing Wojciech on staff allows us to offer a wide range of skills to any organization wishing to take advantage of the myriad of online services…

  • Web Development- Let us build your next website; we can also fix, expand and maintain your current site or migrate it to other platforms
  • Website Expansion – We can enhance your website using outside APIs services such as Google Maps, Facebook and Live Chat
  • Cloud Migration – We can help you migrate your physical server to a cloud server, reducing hardware expenses while expanding the reliability, capability and quality of your service!
  • Single Page Applications and Mobile Web Apps – We can design and develop your idea for the next killer web app
  • IoT – We can connect your Things to the Cloud, and you and your customers to your Things!
  • eCommerce Assistance – TBR can help you setup, fix, expand and maintain your eCommerce website
  • WordPress – We will develop custom themes and extensions or repair and maintain your WordPress blog

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